An Aviation Medical Examiner, or AME, performs flight physicals and can issue a medical certificate unless you have a condition that requires the AME to deny or defer your case.

The AMEs below come from the FAA’s database and shows AMEs from from the central and western United States.

Being on the list does not imply an endorsement, only that the doctor is listed as a current AME with the FAA.

The map is a courtesy for pilots and AME and is provided without cost. If you are an AME and want your listing information modified, removed, or updated with your clinic’s hyperlink, contact me at

If you are looking for a specialty HIMS AME, CLICK HERE.

HIMS AMEs are specially trained and designated to monitor pilots in the HIMS drug and alcohol monitoring program. HIMS AMEs also get extra training about the aviation impact of antidepressants.

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