Retainer Disclosure for Denver

How the Retainer is Used and Refunded

  • the fee is a four-hour retainer to be applied towards the initial costs in your case
  • a second four-hour retainer will be due in the office at the time of your appointment
  • the hourly fee is $300/hour, and charges apply to all time spent in the case; this includes the interview, reading your records, writing the report, and all other time spent on your behalf
  • emailing Dr. Kirk is free; phone calls are charged at 0.1 per hour intervals
  • the fee is 100% refundable for any reason up to seven exact calendar days from your appointment; for example, an appointment for a Wednesday morning @ 9 am, must be canceled by 8:59 am the previous Wednesday for a full refund
  • the fee is 50% refundable if the appointment is canceled at less than seven days, but more than two exact calendar days; for example, a Wednesday morning @ 9 am appointment must be canceled by 8:59 am on Monday of the same week for a 50% refund
  • any cancellation at two days or less results in forfeit of the fee
  • for those driving to the clinic, appointments can be changed without any penalty if CDOT has declared a travel advisory affecting travel into or out of metro Denver, but we must discuss and mutually agree on this
  • for those flying to Denver, appointments can be changed without any penalty if your flight has been canceled
  • for those flying to Denver, if you are traveling with a checked bag please give yourself a minimum of three hours from your flight arrival to be at my office; it can take up to one hour to get to downtown Denver from the airport in traffic
  • not showing up for a weather emergency or from a canceled flight without discussing it with Dr. Kirk will result in forfeit of the fee
  • an appointment cannot be canceled and refunded for a weather emergency or a canceled flight, it must be rescheduled
  • appointments can be canceled by either calling me or emailing me; you cannot text to cancel or change an appointment
  • the timestamp for the cancellation will be the date and time I have received the email or phone call, not the time you sent it
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