Scheduling an Examination

Have you been directly referred to Dr. Kirk by your company, AME, or lawyer? Or, have you done your own research and are mostly sure you want Dr. Kirk to do your evaluation?


Do you want to save some money on the evaluation?


If the above are true, PLEASE CLICK HERE.  The registration does not cost you anything. In fact, you will save up to two hours of billed time if you self-register. The registration will give me a lot of background information to screen for potential disqualifications to address for the FAA, and the type of records needed to complete an evaluation.


The registration forms are hosted on a secure server and I am the only one that can see the results.

Are you not sure yet what you want or need? Or, do you know that you need a psychiatric evaluation for the FAA, but you are still deciding who you want to hire?


Then CLICK THIS LINK for some background information and a brief questionnaire.