Records from your AME or HIMS AME


Dr. Kirk has offices in Denver and Las Vegas. Denver is the main clinic and Las Vegas is a satellite location. All records should be sent to:

Aviation Psychiatry, LLC
Gregory L. Kirk, MD
2036 East 17th Avenue
Denver, Colorado, 80206

or by email to

The rest of this page is your personal guide to smoothly coordinate the records transfer needed for an evaluation. You can also share the page with your clinic if you want.


Most clinics prefer that you use their own release forms. You may be able to download a form from the clinic website, if they have one, or you can call the office and ask about the records release procedure.

Please ask your AME or HIMS AME to send the records directly to my office. If a file instead comes to you by mistake, do not open the envelope but instead deliver it to me unopened. A broken seal on the production of a record taints the file and can require us to start over.

You should request the complete record of care, which includes ALL notes of these types:

  • the complete intensive treatment record (inpatient or intensive outpatient), if any
  • all aftercare/continuing care notes, if any
  • all sobriety testing records, if any
  • notes from your Chief Pilot, peer pilot, or other company notes if any
  • any other information your AME or HIMS AME wants reviewed

There are two ways to have records sent to me. Each has pros and cons.

By US Mail: (note — all mail comes to Denver even if we meet in Las Vegas)

  • Pros: regular mail is HIPAA compliant
  • Cons: can be slower than email, especially for larger files
  • Note: large files can also be sent by flash drives or DVDs in regular US mail

By secure email to

  • Pros: immediate transfer of files smaller than 25 MB
  • Cons: security protocols don’t always integrate well across systems, and an incoming mail might be blocked/quarantined without me knowing.