The main tenant in my building is an optical shop on the first floor. They use the entrance from 17th Avenue.

To keep appropriate physical distance in the small lobby, I am asking my clients to use ONLY the entrance from the small parking lot on the west side of the building. This is also where you can park if there are spaces. If there are no spaces, there is usually plenty of street parking in the area.

The door from the parking lot will be locked so please wait in your car or on the stoop until the exact time of your appointment. I will come down to meet you and let you inside.

Face masks are required to enter the building and during the appointment.

A Second Payment is Due At or Before your Appointment

You can bring a credit card, cash, or check to the office.

You can make a mobile credit card payment by click the image:

You can make a Venmo payment. For Venmo, you will need to enter the amount as $1200.

You can make a mobile PayPal payment. For Paypal mobile, you will need to enter the amount as $1200.

Give Yourself Four Hours for the Appointment

Please give yourself four hours for the appointment. Most of the time, appointments end after about three hours, but allowing for a longer interval makes sure that you do not need to return later to finish the assessment.

Where is Dr. Kirk?

Dr. Kirk is at 2036 East 17th Avenue, Denver, Colorado, 80206.

Please Read the Disclosure Before the Appointment

The disclosure describes how an aviation psychiatry evaluation differs from a clinical examination. The disclosure also tells you how we manage the report, who gets copies, and other important information you want to know.

You do not need to print and sign the disclosure yourself. But I do want you to read the disclosure before we begin. It’s important and you may have important questions to ask before you sign. You can get to the disclosure by clicking the picture.

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