Many FAA request letters give you a 60-day deadline to submit the aviation psychiatry report and any other documents.

You should try to meet all the evaluation and document requests placed into your letter, even if you may not be able to hit the 60-day deadline. It helps to keep the FAA informed of your progress, such as the time and date of your aviation psychiatric appointment.

If you can’t get everything filed on time, the FAA may give you an extension to complete your file. If you’ve already had an extension, you usually cannot get a second one. There may be some other scenarios where an extension does not apply but you should always call and ask if you need more time.

You can call this number and ask for an extension:  (405) 954-4821

You should not ask for an extension until the last possible regular workday before your deadline expires. Most extensions are for thirty days, and they start on the day you ASK for an extension, and the days are not added to the current deadline.

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