Treatment Records


Treatment Records Should Come Directly To Me From The Provider, Not Through The Pilot

Safety assessments consider the validity of records through a chain of custody procedure. If the file comes through an non-medical intermediary, the file hypothetically could altered and this limits its usefulness.

Some medical records systems allow the client to print medical records at home. Not only would this break the chain of custody, most states do not allow a client to access mental health records without approval from the clinic.

Legal records can come directly from the pilot.

Where Does The Clinic Send Records?

I receive all mail, even for Las Vegas clients, in Denver at:

Aviation Psychiatry, LLC
Gregory L. Kirk, MD
2036 East 17th Avenue
Denver, Colorado, 80206

Emailed records should be to sent to

I cannot receive records by fax

You Should Request The Entire File, Not A Type- Or Date-limited Subset

Requesting the entire records ensures that no critical component of the safety assessment has been overlooked or ignored.

Most clinics prefer that you use their own release forms. You may be able to download a form from the clinic website, if they have one, or you can call your clinic’s office and ask about the records release procedure.

You should request the complete record of care, which includes ALL notes of these types:

  • All progress notes from your physician, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant
  • All nursing, triage, and telephone notes
  • Complete prescribing record
  • All laboratory testing
  • Notes that include any and all information about the use of drugs or alcohol

This is what counts as a full treatment record:

  • Physician discharge summary
  • Admission history and physical
  • Psychosocial assessment/summary, if any
  • All physician notes and orders
  • All laboratory testing data


  • All nursing notes
  • Emergency Department report, if any
  • Psychological report, if any
  • Substance use/abuse assessment, if any

For more recent veterans, you usually receive this file on a writable DVD. You can copy the file and mail it to me, transfer the document electronically, or bring the disc to your appointment.

You may also have the file on paper. The paper file is irreplaceable so ask me about handling instructions.