Town Square Las Vegas and Aviation Psychiatry of Nevada follow CDC guidelines for facemasks.

A Second Payment is Due At or Before your Appointment

Payment Options Include:

You can bring a credit card, cash, or check to the office.

You can make a mobile credit card payment by click the image.

You can make a Venmo payment. For Venmo, you will need to enter the amount as $1200.

You can make a mobile PayPal payment. For Paypal mobile, you will need to enter the amount as $1200.

Give Yourself Four Hours for the Appointment

Please give yourself four hours for the appointment. Most of the time, appointments end after about three hours, but allowing for a longer interval makes sure that you do not need to return later to finish the assessment.

Where is Dr. Kirk?

Dr. Kirk’s office is located in Town Square Las Vegas, 6671 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Building D, Suite 210, Las Vegas, NV 89119. 

WARNING! The national shortage of rental cars AND extended wait times and high prices for Uber and Lyft are felt most acute in Las Vegas.

The fastest way to reach my office is by Taxi. Taxi stands are plentiful across all terminals. Expect low wait time and a $30 fare to my office.

The easiest way to find me from the airport is by using a rideshare service. My office is ten minutes or less from the terminal by car. Unlike pre-COVID, when you could have a car in 5 minutes and pay $8 fare to reach TownSquare, a car now can take a half-hour or more and cost 3 x as much. For information on how to find Uber, Lyft, or other rideshares at McCarran International Airport, look here:

The cheapest way to find me is by RTC, the city’s mass transit system. A three day bus pass costs $20. The easiest way to use the system is by downloading the free rideRTC app in the Apple or Android app stores. You have to transfer at least once to reach my office so it takes longer than a cab or a taxi. But if you are going to stay in Las Vegas a few days and taken advantage of all the city has to offer, RTC and the city bus system is hard to beat.

Pro Tip: the shortest transit time on the bus between McCarran and Town Square may route you for a 20 minute walk. If you want the shortest walk, go from McCarran to the South Strip Transit Terminal first, and then from the SSTT to Town Square.

To find the bus at McCarran, go here:

Public Bus at LAS International Airport (

If you drive, use the free SOUTH PARKING GARAGE at Town Square. Park at the top of the garage and then walk down the long axis. You will see the entrance to 6671 straight ahead.

If you get dropped by a car or take public transportation, then you will find me on the second floor over the Apple Store.

Just to the left of the Apple Store, you see a corridor going into the parking garage. Walk down the corridor, open the glass doors on your left (you will see mailboxes inside), walk up one flight of stairs, turn right, and enter the office suites.

Once you get inside:

Follow the signs to Suite 210. If your appointment is on the weekend, once you get inside the glass doors into the suite will be locked and there is no place to sit in the hall.

If you arrive more than ten minutes early, hang out in the shopping plaza and find your way to Suite 210 about ten minutes before your appointment. 

There are no restrooms inside the office suite but you will see facilities along the left hallway as you walk towards Suite 210.

My telephone number is (702) 605 3625. The number does not have an SMS function. If I am still with a client, your call with go straight to voicemail but leave a message letting me know that you are here or if you are lost. 

Please Read the Disclosure Before the Appointment

The disclosure describes how an aviation psychiatry evaluation differs from a clinical examination. The disclosure also tells you how we manage the report, who gets copies, and other important information you want to know.

You do not need to print and sign the disclosure yourself. But I do want you to read the disclosure before we begin. It’s important and you may have important questions to ask before you sign. You can get to the disclosure by clicking the picture.

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