HIMS Neuropsychologists, like HIMS AMEs, have special training to test the cognition of pilots and ATCs. Cognitive testing can be required when a pilot has a mental health condition like depression or anxiety, a history of a head injury, substance dependence, ADHD, or any other medical or mental condition that could impair complex decision making.

A HIMS Neuropsychologist can administer an industry-standard test called a CogScreen-AE. The HIMS Neuropsychologist will also be familiar with normative test data for the general population and compare results to aviator-specific norms when possible.

Being in the map does not imply my endorsement, only that the psychologist is on the FAA’s designated HIMS Neuropsychology list.

If you are a HIMS Neuropsychologist and would like your listing appended with your telephone number, a website, or removed please email gregkirk@avipsy.org with your request.

Map last updated 220722

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