FAA Medical Certification File

The psychiatric assessment specifications published by the FAA require a review  of the FAA medical file. You will often see specific language placed in correspondence, saying something like this:

In advance of the evaluation, you will need to authorize us to release a copy of your entire FAA Medical File to the HIMS Psychiatrist/Psychiatrist/chosen evaluators. The HIMS Psychiatrist/Psychiatrist/evaluators must comment in their report on having received and reviewed the entire FAA Medical File and address the clinically relevant information in the context of the evaluation.

Even if not required as a mandate, the FAA could still determine, after your case has been filed, that a psychiatrist should have reviewed the FAA medical file. Since getting the FAA medical file can take about three months to arrive, I recommend that the pilot request the FAA medical file as soon as possible even if the file review has not (yet) been required by the agency.

Click the download button to get a copy of FAA Form 8065-2.

On Form 8065-2, fill in your information at the top, sign and date at the bottom, and return the form to me, not the FAA.

I’m enrolled in the FAA’s electronic documents system. If the FAA file request comes from my office and with a cover letter, you can save days to weeks from the processing time since your file will not be sent through the mail.

Unless so stated, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REQUEST A COPY OF A CERTIFIED (BLUE RIBBON) MEDICAL FILE. There could be unique reasons to request a Blue Ribbon file but you can usually skip the extra cost in requesting a notarized copy of your record.

For more ways to contact the FAA about your medical file, the FAA publishes THIS PAGE.

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