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Are you a fee-exempt pilot?

In some cases, an airline or some other entity may be responsible for the fee. Only in those cases, you can request an appointment and skip the fee page you see after requesting an appointment. Before I confirm the appointment, however, the financially responsible party must have already contacted me with your referral and fee agreement. You do not have a confirmed appointment until you receive a PRE-FLIGHT email from me.

 Not sure? Email and give me your details.

Dr. Kirk’s home base is in the beautiful City Park West neighborhood in Denver.

Gregory L. Kirk, MD
2036 East 17th Avenue
Denver, CO 80206

If you aren’t ready to schedule but have some questions, click the Ask button. 

To schedule an appointment for Las Vegas, go here instead:

It works better if we have discussed your case by a free online screening or a general email before you make an appointment. Days with open appointments appear with a black numeral. Days in red do not have any openings.

Regular appointments in DENVER are on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 

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