What do to with your report?

Who gets a copy of the report?

If you work for a company that set up the appointment and paid for my time, then the company owns the report. If the company authorizes me to send copies to you or your AME, I can do that.

If you are the client, you get a copy of the report. I will also send a copy to your AME.

The copy to your AME is a courtesy copy only. You should still coordinate closely to be sure that your AME got the report.

If I told you with your checkout email that I sent a copy to your AME by email, please allow three business days for your doctor to log the message and enter the report into their system.

If I told you with your checkout email that I sent a copy to your AME by US mail, please allow two weeks for your doctor to receive the packet.

Will Dr. Kirk send the psychiatric report to the FAA?

Unless I have agreed in writing, I do not file your response to the FAA. The FAA in almost all instances places the obligation to submit the report on the pilot.

  • Your AME might submit the report for you, but don’t assume that. Ask your flight doc if there is any question as to who files the packet.
  • My report may be only a portion of what is required.
  • Please read any letters from the FAA carefully.
  • If the FAA asks for other documents, please send everything in one mailing instead of batches.
  • Reports can be sent either to Oklahoma City or Washington, D.C. Be sure you use the appropriate mailing address provided in your FAA letter.
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