FAA Medical Certification File

The guidelines for the psychiatric examination ask that the evaluator request a complete copy of the FAA Medical Certification File. There are times when you might reasonably proceed without the medical file, but if the letter to you specifically states that the psychiatrist must review the medical certification file, we cannot overlook this critical step. I can help you figure this out if you want me to evaluate your case.

I have word from FAA administrators that a certified “Blue-Ribbon” medical file is not required. There may still be reasons to request a Blue Ribbon file but generally, you can skip the extra cost in requesting a notarized copy of your record.

IF DR. KIRK IS DOING YOUR EVALUATION, please CLICK THIS LINK. You will download the FAAs medical records request form with my name and address pre-printed for you. The files will be sent directly to me from the FAA.

If you are scheduling with somebody else, or you just don’t know yet, you can request a copy of the files for yourself by CLICKING THIS LINK INSTEAD.

IF YOU ARE HAVING THE RECORDS SENT TO YOURSELF, DO NOT BREAK THE SEAL OF THE ENVELOPE, EVEN TO MAKE YOUR OWN COPY. If the seal is broken, the evaluator can no longer use the file as evidence. Pages could have been removed, lost, or inserted. I can make a copy of the file for you when I receive it.

For more ways to contact the FAA to request your medical file, the FAA publishes THIS PAGE.