What Happens Now?

Your Report is Finished.

Your report contains a comprehensive history, records review, and final opinion about the aeromedical aspects of your case.

Who gets a copy of the report?

If you are the client, you get a copy of the report. I will also send a copy to your AME.

If you work for a company that set up the appointment and paid for my time, then the company owns the report. If the company authorizes me to send copies to you or your AME, I will be glad to send them out.

Will Dr. Kirk send the report to the FAA?

Unless I have agreed in writing, I do not file your response to the FAA. The FAA in almost all instances places the obligation to submit the report on the pilot.*

  • Your AME might submit the report for you, but don’t assume that. Ask your flight doc if there is any question as to who files the packet.
  • Please read any letters from the FAA carefully.
  • My report may be only a portion of what is required.
  • If the FAA asks for other documents, please send everything in one mailing instead of batches.
  • Reports can be sent either to Oklahoma City or Washington, D.C. Be sure you use the appropriate mailing address provided in your FAA letter.

*There is one exception. If I believe that you pose an immediate hazard to public safety, I will send a copy of your report to the FAA for emergency review and alert you after the report has been faxed under the emergency waiver. I have done this twice since 2012 out of hundreds and hundreds of cases.

My emergency filing does not qualify as your response to the FAA, and you would still need to send my report and supporting documents to the FAA.

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