Remarkable Crash at Centennial Airport KAPA

A Cirrus SR22 and Key Lime Air Swearingen Metroliner had a midair collision today at KAPA. The Key Lime pilot shows remarkable calm across the radio while bringing the aircraft home under an emergency. The SR22 pilot glided down under the parachute. The news is that no pilot was injured.

Helicopters on Mars

The Ingenuity helicopter, carried almost 300 million miles to the Red Planet, is expected to fly on April 11 for human’s first aviation experience on an 👽 planet. Read more from this article.

March 26, 2021: COVID-19 AME Guidance from Dr. Giovanetti

Dr. Giovanetti, Director of the FAA’s Medical Specialties Division, published updated guidance for AMEs about pilots having suffered from coronavirus. Important note: pilots who required intensive care therapy and pilots still having residual symptoms of coronavirus should be DEFERRED at their next medical examination.

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