Scheduled Call, Sixty Minutes



You can reserve a one-hour consultation with Dr. Kirk by reserving a time and paying a fee.

There are important limitations to appreciate before you pay the fee:

  1. Dr. Kirk does not have, and cannot give you, an opinion on the merits of any case until he has met with you, completed a full assessment, reviewed all pertinent records, and constructed a report to FAA specifications.
  2. Dr. Kirk also is limited in taking detailed information from you in a preliminary call. Hearing specific details of your case, positive or negative, before beginning the assessment could allow a regulator or court to raise bias claims. We strive to reduce all possible appearance of bias, which includes limiting specific or persuasive input before the assessment.
  3. While you can only get a synchronous review with Dr. Kirk by reserving time, you can probably get the same questions answered for free by sending an email or, even better, completing a comprehensive triage and registration form.


  1. You are reserving a call to discuss generalities of your case; the call will not exceed sixty-minutes.
  2. The day and time of your reservation is not managed through the payments page; you can get a day and time by sending an email to
  3. Your reservation is not fixed until you have paid the fee AND you have received a confirmation email including the Google Meet link.
  4. The call can be cancelled by notifying me, only by email, 48 hours before the call starts. The 48-hour window includes weekends and holidays. Afterward, the call cannot be cancelled or rescheduled for any reason. Rescheduling the call can take a few weeks to find the next mutually acceptable time and date; there are no emergency or afterhours options for rescheduling.
  5. The consultation starts at the scheduled time. If you are late joining the call, you are not credited the minutes you are late.
  6. If Dr. Kirk is late joining the call for any reason, the call will be extended for up to sixty minutes from the time I join.
  7. If you do not later schedule an in-office assessment, the fee is considered fully earned once Dr. Kirk is on the call. There are no refunds for unused time.
  8. If you do schedule an in-office assessment, any unused retainer balance will be applied as a credit against the final bill in your aviation psychiatric evaluation, review, and report.

To pay with a credit card or Google Pay using secure, 128-bit encryption, click the blue button below.




To pay using the PayPal app on your mobile device CLICK HERE and enter the payment amount of $360 into your app.



To pay using the Venmo app on your mobile device CLICK HERE and enter the payment amount of $360 into your app.




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