Primary Care Records

This guide will help you gather the primary care records you will need to produce for an aviation psychiatric evaluation. The email can be your personal checklist or, alternately, you can give this to your clinic along with a signed records release form from the medical clinic.


Most clinics prefer that you use their own release forms. You may be able to download a form from the clinic website, if they have one, or you can call the office and ask about the records release procedure.

Please ask your primary care provider to send the records directly to my office. If a file instead comes to you by mistake, do not open the envelope but instead deliver it to me unopened. A broken seal on a records production taints the file and can require us to start over.

You should request the complete record of care, which includes ALL notes of these types:

  • All progress notes from your physician, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant
  • All nursing, triage, and telephone notes
  • Complete prescribing record
  • All laboratory testing
  • Notes that include any and all information about the use of drugs or alcohol

There are three ways to have the clinic send records to me. The preferred way is to have the file produced on paper and mailed to me. The mail always arrives and I can always read the pages.

The next best way is to have the facility produce the records on some physical media. I can accept CDs, DVDs, and flash memory devices of all kinds. Files are occasionally corrupted, so I prefer paper, but this way usually works, too.

The third-best way to produce the file is by emailing the record to me. This would be the most efficient if it worked well, but some security protocols block the facility from sending a record or me receiving it. This can lead to a significant delay as the facility will think it sent the file to me, and I have no way of knowing when the record was sent or that it was blocked or diverted.

Files CANNOT be faxed to me
. My server will block any fax more than a few pages and I will not know that the file has been blocked.