Las Vegas Followup Visit Level 2


A Level 2 followup visit is a medium to high complexity visit. Cases can be considered medium to high complexity for several reasons at my sole discretion. The reasons can include a pilot out of compliance with a company or an FAA mandate, above-average documentation requirements, a followup evaluation prior to a Special Issuance Authorization, or unusual aeromedical certification issues. Any case not seen in person in the last 365 days will automatically be considered Level 2.

A retainer fee is required to confirm your followup visit.

The fee does not cover the full cost of the visit. Most cases will have a small balance due when the case ends and you receive your report. This fee pays in advance a portion of your fee.


I have offices in Denver and in Las Vegas. You are paying a Las Vegas retainer. A Las Vegas appointment and its associated retainer fee are NON-CANCELLABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE. You CANNOT reschedule a Las Vegas appointment. There are no exceptions.

The retainer fee is considered fully earned by Dr. Kirk once you pay the fee and reserve your appointment slot.

I have more openings and more flexibility in Denver so if you have concerns about the retainer fee, you should not schedule a Las Vegas appointment and instead meet with me in Denver.

To pay with a credit card or Google Pay using secure, 128-bit encryption, click the blue button below.

Rarely, a security algorithm between your bank and Square may not process the payment. In these cases you may see a spinning arrows or a white screen after you have waited awhile. If you see this, email and alert me to your problem.


To pay using the PayPal app on your mobile device, scan the QR code, and enter the payment amount of $ 1,080 into your app.

To pay using the Venmo app, scan this QR code, and enter $ 1,080 into the app.



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