Las Vegas Initial Visit Reservations


A retainer payment is required to confirm your first appointment.

Do not use this page to confirm and pay for a followup visit. The online booking is used only to schedule first visits. If you book a followup visit using the online calendar, your appointment is automatically rejected and it can take up to two weeks to refund the retainer.

Rarely, a security algorithm between your bank and Square may not process the payment. In these cases you may see a spinning arrows or a white screen after you have waited awhile. If you see this, email and alert me to your problem.


My payments processor, Square, charges the vendor (me) credit card transaction fees even on refunds/cancellations. Starting on April 11, 2023, cancellation for a self-scheduled appointment is subject to a return fee of (2.9% x retainer) + $0.30. On the same effective date, a cancellation of an invoiced retainer fee is subject to a return fee of (3.3% x retainer) + $ 0.30. If you cancel your appointment, but reschedule the visit within 90 days, half of your cancellation fee will be added back as a credit for a future final balance due.

For terms, how the retainer is applied, and how to get a refund, please go here:


To pay with a credit card or Google Pay using secure, 128-bit encryption, click the blue button below.


To pay using the PayPal app on your mobile device, scan the QR code, and enter the payment amount of $1440 into your app.

To pay using the Venmo app, scan this QR code, and enter $1440  into the app.

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