Las Vegas Reservations


A retainer payment is required to confirm your first appointment.

Do not use this page to confirm and pay for a followup visit. The online booking is used only to schedule first visits. If you book a followup visit using the online calendar, your appointment is automatically rejected and it can take up to two weeks to refund the retainer.

Rarely, a security algorithm between your bank and Square may not process the payment. In these cases you may see a spinning arrows or a white screen after you have waited awhile. If you see this, email and alert me to your problem.

For terms, how the retainer is applied, and how to get a refund, please go here:


To pay with a credit card or Google Pay using secure, 128-bit encryption, click the blue button below.


To pay using the PayPal app on your mobile device, scan the QR code, and enter the payment amount of $1320 into your app.

To pay using the Venmo app, scan this QR code, and enter $1320 into the app.